The Melchizedek Plan For Humanity

Here are a few of the things that the Throne of Melchizedek and the accompanying Principality will work towards establishing as changes to promote a better chance for humanity to survive and thrive.

Society will be structured in tribes, with men and women living apart, as has been done in many aboriginal societies up to the present day, but within the context of a larger state.

Primary relationships will be with members of the same sex. Propagation will be through planned, ritualized sexual encounters. Entire groups will accept responsibility for the children of these unions. No longer will humans recklessly overpopulate their environment. This will reduce the likelihood of conflict over resources.

Our diet will once again become attuned to the seasons and the natural flow of energies. There will be no eating of dead animals.

There will be no weapons, because there will be no need for them.

As we change our assumptions and evolve into this way of life, our relationship with the universe will become more peaceful and wholesome. Survival will cease to be a struggle and become a harmonious interaction with the world around us.

It is likely true that relatively few humans are prepared to live in this new society and they will be given the opportunity to leave their present existence behind and reincarnate into the new humanity as it becomes stable. They be the lucky in ones in some ways, and yet I think it a very exciting prospect to be here for the transition to this new world.

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