Membership in the Order of Melchizedek

In the highest sense, the Order of Melchizedek is a group of highly advanced beings on the spiritual planes, but because there is much work to be done on the earth the Priesthood has been brought down to the physical realm as an organizing tool to aid humanity.

The biggest requirement to become part of the Order is sincere dedication to the spiritual work here on Earth. That makes one a "fellow traveler" in the work of the Order, but not an actual member. A rather simple ceremony of sanctification brings one into the lower work of the Order and qualifies one to minister to the spiritual needs of others.

Consecration into the actual Priesthood is very serious business as it requires total dedication to the work of the Priesthood above and beyond personal concerns. It is not to be taken lightly, as the seals of the Priesthood are placed on the spirit itself. Because the seals are placed directly on the spirit it is normally the case that the spirit remains forever in the priesthood.

A prime involvement of the priesthood, still, is promoting the opening of the heart chakra and centering one's being there rather than in the lower chakras. Once this is achieved the individual stands on the threshold of possibilities that include viewing the breadth and width of universes around us, being able to stand outside space and time to view the realities of existence from that perspective.

Here are the Ordinances of the Priesthood. (The first three are for general membership in the community.)

1 - Communion (noon meal)

2 - Probation

3 - Brotherhood (Full Membership)

4 - Naming

5 - Spiritual Union

6 - Candidate for the Priesthood

7 - Priest

8 - Master

9 - Elevation (to archetypal position)

10 - Archon

11 - High Priest

12 - Head of the Order

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Other ceremonies: Naming, Meditation Initiation, Marriage