A Group Meditation

Imagine yourself traveling through whatever terrain appeals to you most. You soon arrive at a beautiful temple made of white marble. There are six sides with an entrance in the middle of each side.

As you enter you will see a large two-dimensional representation of the kabala used by the Order of Melchizedek in the center of the floor. The red circle is on the south, moving through orange and yellow on the eastern side of the building and green being on the north point. Blue and purple complete the circle to the west. Three gold points are interior to the outside circle - one between the red and orange, one between yellow and green, and one between blue and purple. Between each of the gold circles is a silver circle.Further yet is a thin violet band that completely circles the center. In the center of the entire patten is a large multi-faceted spherical crystal, floating in the air with no apparent support.

Go and sit on or near the color/quality you are most drawn to.

This crystal is a manifestation of the spirit of Melchizedek, making it easier to connect with that energy. Focus on the crystal, visualize that which you would like to manifest for yourself, others in need, humanity as a whole and know that the energy you put into the crystal will help manifest those for the benefit of all.

Stay as long as necessary until you feel you are finished.

Many people have indicated they plan on doing this meditation daily and there are sometimes thousands of beings present. This a good way to link into the energy of that group of people and create a synergy for the work you wish to accomplish.

One advantage of using this kind of meditation is that it is not as vital to meditate at the same time since the energy is contained in a specific place and is available at any time.

A rough drawing of the placement of the circles.

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