Lives of Melchizedek

These five incarnations of the spirit of Melchizedek have been singled out because they are particularly representative of the greater plan to bring a vision to humanity of what is possible for its spiritual growth. There have been many, many other lives -- some of them just as famous and noteworthy as these but not as directly and obviously connected with humanity's spiritual evolution. Other incarnations have been spent as warriors, farmers, alchemists -- many ways of gathering an ever deeper understanding of the human condition and the ways in which it can be aided in its growth. It must be remembered, however, that all incarnations in the physical, however illustrious, are transitory. Personality is impermanent and does not survive from one life to another. Only growth of the spirit and soul becomes part of the eternal and is worthy of time and effort. Promoting that growth is the reason for its continued work on the physical plane.

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