Basic Kabalistic Chant

The purpose of this chant is to construct the kabala on the spiritual planes by chanting the sounds of the points and paths. It is best if you can visualize the colors of the points while you construct them. And the natural orientation of the structure is the lower red point to the south, the green to the north, which puts point 10/wisdom in the west.

The first six chants are the longest as they construct the six outer points of the bottom plane. They start at the top, go down the center path, out to the point being created and then back up to the top point.

Next is the central point, then the three points of the middle plane, Power, Love and Wisdom; the two inner points of Truth and Law and finally the top point of Light.

Here they are in the makeshift phonetics I've had to use.

ah M oh R u G ae N ah

ah M oh V i H ae N ah

ah M oh T oy Z ie S ah

ah M oh B uh J ie S ah

ah M oh tH eh Th e L ah

ah M oh Zh ou Sh e L ah

ah M oh M ah

ah N ae N ah

ah S ie S ah

ah L e L ah

ah W oo W ah

ah Wh a Wh ah

ah N ah S ah L ah

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