The Order of Melchizedek

Metaphysical Perspective

In the larger cosmic sense, the Order has no "name" as such because it is identified by its work and dedication. It is composed of evolved beings who have dedicated themselves to the work of promoting spiritual growth wherever that is possible. It is the one true Spiritual Priesthood. In a certain sense it constitutes a special part of the spiritual hierarchy that is a thing unto itself and even has certain dimensional areas that are exclusive to its members.

The spirit that has come to be known as Melchizedek came to the Earth before it was truly formed, while the nature of this experiment was still being shaped by the Elohim, those beings who had taken it upon themselves to attempt a new and daring attempt at combining free will and spiritual awareness. When spirits began to descend into physical bodies into that society we call Lemuria, the spirit of Melchizedek began to incarnate and offer guidance to these beings. As the experience of Lemuria reached an end (where, according to the Lemurian Fellowship he had been the first emperor) and it was necessary to descend further into the physical, what we know as Atlantis began and Melchizedek's work shifted to that area.

Work in the Present Era

The violent end of Atlantis caused a serious disruption in the natural descent and plunged humanity deep into the physical without any conscious connection to its spiritual nature. This situation called for some sort of drastic action. The spirit of Melchizedek finally arrived at a plan to restore self-aware spiritual growth and with the help of many other advanced spiritual beings the Egyptian mystery schools were established. The goal of these schools was to elevate individuals into that awareness that has come to be known as Christ Consciousness. Some of those achieving Christ Consciousness stayed in Egypt to carry on the work there, others went off to Salem to work with Melchizedek in founding a community of Christ Conscious beings. (Note that this Salem is not the town that grew into Jerusalem but a center in the Caucasus mountains, from which other teachers have come.)

In time there came to the gates of the city an ambitious wandering warrior named Abraham. Melchizedek, described as the "king of Salem" and "priest of the most high God," received Abraham's tithes and blessed him. (Genesis 14) That much is recorded in the Old Testament. What's not recorded there is that Abraham wanted inside the gates to become part of this wondrous society. But he was turned away because he lacked the proper preparation for the work being carried on. He persisted, and argued it was unfair that these understandings should be kept for a privileged few. The persistence of his argument eventually caused Melchizedek to agree to broaden access to the teachings on one condition: Abraham must agree to found a people dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual truth. In return, the city of Salem would close its gates and its enlightened citizens would in time incarnate into Abraham's group. This, we believe, is the real story behind the beginnings of the Jewish race and the reason it has played such a significant role in western history.

Of course, we really know nothing of what Melchizedek taught Abraham or what happened between them, but it would seem that Abraham was unable to maintain his end of the agreement. The communion established by Melchizedek was abandoned and Abraham reverted to the animal sacrifices of his ancestors.

But Melchizedek's teachings may not have been entirely lost according to Edgar Cayce: "Hence the group we refer to here as the Essenes was the outgrowth of the teachings of Melchizedek, as propagated by Elijah and Elisha and Samuel. The movement was not an Egyptian one, though it was adopted by the Egyptians in an earlier period and made a part of the whole movement. They took Jews and Gentiles alike as members... preserving themselves in a direct line of choice as channels through which might come He of the new or the divine origin...."1

Over the centuries these teachings surfaced from time to time - in the writings of some of the gnostics, and in the Masonic, Rosicrucian and other mystery schools of the Renaissance. It should be noted that the Order is concerned with every aspect of spiritual evolution and this includes the social environment, as that is quite relevant to the attempt to grow spiritually. Throughout history the Order has been involved with changes in the social structure and it was particularly during the late Renaissance that many members of the Order became involved in social reforms. In the last century there was a major expansion of interest in exploring all these ideas: Transcendentalism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, New Thought, etc. And for the last quarter century there has been a veritable explosion of metaphysical exploration, culminating in the "New Age" movement.

But for all its involvement with human affairs, the Order has for the last 4000 years been a shadowy presence at best. While members were involved with establishing various organizations for manifold purposes the Order itself was never a public organization. But at this time, as humanity approaches a vital cusp in determining its future, it was deemed necessary that the teachings of the priesthood begin to be made more open.

A beginning was made in 1969 to bring the the priesthood back into open manifestation on the earth. A primary part of that effort is to establish communities where that focus on spiritual growth can be paramount. Their primary purpose is to attract individuals drawn to higher consciousness and to assist them in achieving it.

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